Norwood Young America Paviion Restoration

This massive 110-year old structure was first raised, in order for McGowan Development to restore the Norwood Young America Paviion.



In the midst of much public debate amongst its residents, Norwood Young America retained McGowan Development to restore its 110-year old Pavilon. The company successfully managed the NYA Pavilion restoration, and during in the process, needed to raise the entire structure to replace its failed foundation. 
With dimensions of 55 by 155 feet, and total weight in excess of 65 tons, lifting the NYA Pavilion represented the second largest building ever raised in Minnesota, second only to the massive Schubert Theater Building moved in downtown Minneapolis. 
Nineteenth century German emigrants migrated west from Ellis Island, with many settling in Minnesota to farm the rich, dark soil. As was German tradition, intricately crafted post and beam structures were built for town gatherings. One such wooden building, the Norwood Young America historic pavilion, was built by German settlers more than a century before. 
The large, rectangular NYA Pavilion was simple in design, but beautiful in simplicity. For over five decades, the enormous building was used only once each year, each summer hosting a traditional German celebration, called Stiftungsfest.


Project Management

On a closed landfill site, and adjacent to the Minnesota River, McGowan Development's proposed outdoor amphitheater was designed with a capacity for 32,500 concertgoers, and to accomodate the top summer shows and bands.

The historic restoration of the Norwood Young America Pavilion, a massive, 65-ton, 110-year old structure first required the building to be raised 22" to build a new foundation.

Lake Harriet Live!, a day-long, free concert featuring reggae, blues, jazz, and the Minnesota Orchestra was McGowan Development's celebration of the restoration of the Bandshell. With local artists and food vendors selling their goods, Lake Harritet LIve! attracted 25,000 neighbors.

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