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Based in  Minneapolis, Minnesota,  McGowan Development was founded to develop an outdoor amphitheater, marina, and solid waste transfer station on a closed landfill site. Situated in an abandoned rock quarry, founder and CEO Mark McGowan designed the proposed Burnsville Amphitheater to hold 32,500 concertgoers, 15,000 cars, for over 50 major summer concerts. With docking space for over 100 boats, the proposed marina was immediately adjacent to the amphitheater on the Minnesota River at Interstate 35W.
 Lake Harriet Bandshell, Burnsville Amphitheater,  Norwood Young America Paviion
 With many successful projects in the Twin Cities, McGowan Development is best known for its Lake Harriet Bandshell Restoration, and the rebuild of the historic Norwood Young America Paviion. Saving city taxpayers nearly $650,000, the Lake Harriet Bandshell restoration was lauded for its "all volunteer, completely free" restoration. In this unprecedented free restoration, McGowan Development brought together services, products, and labor of nearly 50 businesses and over 200 volunteers. To celebrate the successful restoration, Mark McGowan organized a day-long free concert, called Lake Harriet Live!, featuring diverse musical genres and the Minnesota Orchestra.

Project Management

On a closed landfill site, and adjacent to the Minnesota River, McGowan Development's proposed outdoor amphitheater was designed with a capacity for 32,500 concertgoers, and to accomodate the top summer shows and bands.

The historic restoration of the Norwood Young America Pavilion, a massive, 65-ton, 110-year old structure first required the building to be raised 22" to build a new foundation.

Lake Harriet Live!, a day-long, free concert featuring reggae, blues, jazz, and the Minnesota Orchestra was McGowan Development's celebration of the restoration of the Bandshell. With local artists and food vendors selling their goods, Lake Harritet LIve! attracted 25,000 neighbors.

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